Aboriginal Scholarships


Scholarship-10-2008sThe Pallottine Aboriginal Scholarship Trust provides scholarships to Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people who wish to undertake post secondary education. Successful applicants will receive a grant to cover the course fees that is paid directly to the educational institution.

Applications are submitted annually by September 30th for the following year. Successful applicants are advised by the committee in January, once confirmation is received that the applicant has been accepted by the Institute. Students are asked to provide evidence of course progress and to re-apply each year if they wish to continue studying the following year. Each successful applicant can be issued a grant to cover course fees for a maximum of four (not necessarily consecutive) years.

Through the distribution of these annual scholarships, the Aboriginal people have the potential to utilise education for the benefit of themselves, their own people and the Australian nation.

If you wish to contribute in a meaningful way to the Aboriginal people, thus giving them an opportunity to thrive, please consider a tax deductable donation to the Pallottine Aboriginal Scholarship Trust.

Donations can be forwarded to the Pallotine Aboriginal Scholarship Trust at the address below. For further information, please contact us.

History of the Pallottine Aboriginal Scholarship Trust
Guidelines for Applicants

If you have not applied in previous years, please pdf click here to download the application form for FIRST TIME applicants .
If you applied in previous years, please pdf click here to download the application form for REPEAT applicants .

Completed, signed application forms need to be received by September 30th
(the year prior to studying).

Please post applications or donations to:

c/o 60 Fifth Ave

Phone: 0427 776 934
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.