Belonging to the Pallottine Family

Belonging to the Pallottine Family - Belonging to the UAC

"The Union of Catholic Apostolate, a gift of the Holy Spirit, is a communion of the faithful who, united with God and with one another in accordance with the charism of St Vincent Pallotti, promote the co-responsibility of all the baptized to revive faith and rekindle charity in the Church and in the world, and bring all to unity in Christ." (Gen. St. UAC 1)

We look to St Vincent Pallotti, our Founder who sought to bring about the revival of the Church in his time (1795-1350). He called upon all Christians to unite in an active response to Gods call.

"Whether young or old, healthy or sick, alone or in community, in any position of life given to them by God, all can participate fully in the apostolic mission of Jesus Christ by any means whatever."

In 1835, in response to this vision, he founded the Union of Catholic Apostolate (UAC), encouraging all to live with integrity according to their faith and tradition. The UAC is a communion of persons and communities which, according to the charism of St. Vincent Pallotti, promotes: the co-responsibility of all the baptised for the revival of faith; the re-enkindling of love in the Church and in the world; and the unity of all people in Christ.

In Australia, the many people who have heard about and been inspired by this vision of St Vincent Pallotti are known as the Pallottine Family. We are united across many different ways of life and over large distances by a strong spirit bond which helps to empower us in the daily challenge to respond to our call to be Christian people.

In recent years, the Union of Catholic Apostolate has grown to new life and has spread to many parts of the world. An International Secretariat has been set up in Rome to help facilitate this development. National Co-ordinating groups (made up of representatives of various expressions of Pallotti’s vision) have also been established.

Our Local Committee invites you to consider an opportunity to affirm your commitment to live out Pallotti’s vision in our daily call to love.

UAC members:

  • commit themselves to their apostolic calling
  • are affirmed at a national and international level