Guidelines for Applicants

  1. Pallottine Aboriginal Scholarships are available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, as defined in Australian legislation, who are living and studying in Western Australia. They are granted irrespective of religious affiliation.

  2. Scholarships are available for post-secondary study only – whether in vocational, academic, cultural, religious, sporting or some allied discipline. All courses must be carried out at or through an approved educational institution.

  3. Applications are invited annually. Note that there is a separate form for first time applicants and on-going applicants. Forms and supporting documentation must be mailed to arrive by 30 Sep.
    They are reviewed by a Scholarship Committee established by the Trustees. This Committee is made up of Aboriginal people who reflect a balance of geographical areas, as well as a balance of gender and experience in education.

  4. Grants are for a calendar year only, following which a new application must be made.

  5. Successful students are expected to provide evidence of progress through the year. Semester II fee payments will only be made following receipt of a Semester I report.

  6. Grants will be available for a maximum of three years, not necessarily consecutive (in the case of university students this is meant to cover completion of their first degree).

  7. For successful applicants the Trust will pay applicable course fees only. Payment will be made directly to their educational Institute (thus eliminating any future HECS debt).

  8. Application forms can be downloaded here. Applications close on 30th Sep. each year. Results are usually advised in Jan/Feb the following year, once confirmation is received from their Institute that the applicant has been accepted and fees estimated.

    If you have not applied in previous years, please pdf click here to download the application form for FIRST TIME applicants .

    If you applied in previous years, please pdf click here to download the application form for REPEAT applicants .

  9. An annual Presentation Ceremony is customarily held in Perth in March/April to which students and families are invited. Attendance is a condition of the grant.

  10. The number of scholarships awarded depends on interest available from the Trust’s capital deposit. Except in exceptional circumstances all grants will be allocated for a full 12 months.

  11. The Trustees retain the right to withdraw a Grant. Their decision in the allocation of scholarships is final.
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