Thursday, 04 September 2014 17:42

From the mountain

Pope Francis recently reminded religious that ‘[we] were called to be witnesses of a different way of doing things, of acting, of living! It is possible to live differently in this world.’

This is engagement, whether it is through the contemplative life or active ministries. Consecrated life is one expression of living the Gospels authentically and, at its best, dares the Church in new directions.

St Vincent Pallotti challenged people, exciting them with the vitality of Christ’s message to recognise their own self-worth and develop their giftedness in ministry.

Pallottines worldwide are responding creatively in new ways. In Germany, children mostly from poor, migrant backgrounds, often from Muslim communities, come to an after-school centre to do homework and receive food. Through daring to think, act and live differently, Pallottines are creating a Church that is attractive and relevant to the local population, especially to children of different religions and cultures.

Such stories are retold worldwide.

Characteristic of Pallottine identity is the equal, accountable collaboration within the Pallottine family. Outside Melbourne, the Pallotti College community consists of young German and other volunteers under the collaborative leadership of a married couple, providing hospitality and developing a centre for prayer and spirituality.

There is outreach to local townships, in listening to their needs, responding to daily challenges and recognising giftedness within wider communities. Casa Pallotti, the Mariana Community and Camaldoli continue unique, collaborative ministries. Two Pallottine priests and a brother remain in caring roles, with other priests and laity, each contributing to ministry initiatives.

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