Body & Soul - An Aboriginal View

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The publication of this book has brought together, the good will, wisdom and support of many people.

The book is primarily and above all a well-deserved tribute to the determination and hard work of the late Father Anthony Rex Peile. Publication of the research that he amassed over many years was his dream. Finally his goal has been achieved. Too often it is not until after their death that a person’s work receives due accolades. This is a shame, but is certainly better than total neglect.

This book is also a special tribute to the Aboriginal people living in the far south-east of the Kimberley Region of Western Australia, the Kukatja. They worked beside Anthony, providing the information, anecdotes, stories and explanations now to be shared with others who live beyond the confines of Kukatja ancestral homelands. Anthony’s dedication to the people among whom he lived was complete and constant. He will rejoice that their insights and understanding of the human condition are now available to a wide audience.

Peter Bindon undertook the hard slog of editing Anthony’s manuscript. Peter not only recognized the value of the work but was also Anthony’s friend. He enjoyed his trust and respect. When we chose an editor, it was fitting that a colleague and friend accepted the task.

The publisher Peter Bridge was also a friend as well as a source of continuous encouragement to Anthony. Hesperian Press had to be the publisher of this effort. Anthony would have had it no other way.

The retired Bishop of Broome, John Jobst gave Anthony unfailing support and encouragement during the life of this project. Amongst his Pallottine confreres Kevin McKelson, Ray Hevern and Eddie Wehrmaker deserve special mention. When it seemed that this work might languish unpublished they provided support and encouragement.

Finally the whole Pallottine family rejoices at this publication. The idea that everyone should contribute their talents to the betterment of the whole of humanity is exemplified in this publication.

Mike McMahon, SAC
Regional Superior,
Pallottines in Australia.

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