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nothingiswasted 225Vincent Pallotti's Vision in Australia 1901 - 2001


Fr Michael McMahon, Regional Superior of the Pallottines in Australia commissioned this history in June 1999 primarily for members of the Pallottines. It is about the ministry of Sr Brigida Nailon Pallottines who worked in Australia since they came in 1901 to care for the 'Beagle Bay Mission' in the Kimberley. The author wishes to thank the members of Pallottine communities for their hospitality, and assistance in compiling the information contained in this book, especially their Archivist, Fr Kelvin Kenny, and Br Wim van Veen of Tardun.

The book is rooted as faithfully as possible in primary sources (correspondence, minutes, memos, internal newsletters and printed materials) to which the author was given unlimited access. Those who want notation for particular facts could enter into negotiation with the author.

The author is deeply indebted to Bishop J Jobst both for his personal communications and for access to the archives of the Diocese of Broome, also for asking Archbishop Goody for access to the Archdiocesan Perth Archives in the early 1980's, and to the Archivist Sr F Stibi, for access in 2000. Thanks is expressed to Bishop C Saunders for permission to access the Broome Archives in 2000, and to the Archivist, Fr L Finke. Also to Br TA Hall, Sydney Archdiocesan Archivist, and his staff.

The author would like to thank Sue Beverley and the managers of information from the Aboriginal Affairs Department in Western Australia, Jenny Carter, Team Leader of original research material at the State Archives, the Librarians of the State Records Office of Western Australia, and Anna Haebich of the Museum for their assistance.

For those who did the proof reading and who made suggestions about placement of material, Michael McMahon, Francis McMahon, Laurence and Carmen McMahon, Ian Stoddart, and Richard Whitman, and also to Chris Gibson of Emerald Park Stud at Violet Town, who allowed us to email drafts through his facility, I am most grateful.

Brigida Nailon CSB,
08 October 2000


History should never be dull. It tells us of the real struggles of real people -their prejudices, heroism and attempts to relate to one another, to their respective groupings and the wider world.

Despite the enormous changes we have seen since 1901, the basic questions of relations still remain pivotal to all our endeavours. The more things change, the more they remain the same.

People who attempt to write history must return to primary sources, the interactions of people at the time in question. This publication is a process, a reflection of what was and, hopefully a questioning of what can be. In this time of jubilee we can also reflect, as the Holy Father suggests, as to what might have been or should have been. We can celebrate the heroism of those who went before us and learn from their successes and failures. That is the story of both our communal and personal life.

It is my hope that this work will lead us here in Australia to a more faithful commitment to Vincent and his ideals.

I wish to express gratitude to Sr Brigida for the eighteen months she has spent researching and writing. No one knows the primary sources of Australian Pallottine history better. She has made available much of her research in this book. We are all the beneficiaries.

Fr M. McMahon, SAC (Regional),
Rossmoyne, W A.


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