Marjorie Maria Cove

marj maria cove 400Warburton, VIC

Fr Benno Rausch SAC

Postal Address:
Marjorie Maria Lane
PO Box 834
Warburton Vic 3799

+61 (0) 477 016 801

About Marjorie Maria Cove

Nestled in the hills of one of Victoria's most beautiful regions is an oasis of tranquillity called Marjorie Maria Cove. The house was made possible by the generosity of Marjorie Maria and George Lane and is carried financially by the Pallottines, fitting in very much with the charism of St Vincent Pallotti. While Marjorie Maria Cove is its official name, some of those who spend time here refer to it as 'paradise'. The beauty of the hills and the changing light and mood is a backdrop for the abundant wildlife including wombats, galahs and kookaburras that harmoniously exist here. 

The balance and harmony of Marjorie Maria Cove and its surroundings is the key to the philosophy of the house. This is no place where charity is dispensed by those that have to those who have not. The house exists to provide people with the opportunity to restore the balance to lives, which have been put out of kilter by different events. This can be as a result of illness, financial difficulties, personal tragedy or simply the trials and tribulations of family life. A stay at Marjorie Maria Cove is an opportunity to rest awhile and be refreshed. We celebrate the courage, dignity and love of those who share Marjorie Maria Cove and its surroundings with us.